The Groom Room at Oliver and Henry’s

Our Mom believes the wellbeing of a dog starts with healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth.  Regular grooming (or as we like to call it—pampering) also helps to reduce allergies and infections for both pets and their families.  So, adding the groom room to our retail shop was a no brainer! Well, not really. Our mom only wanted the best groomers. And that is Lauren, Michelle and Lori.laureninaction

Lauren has been grooming us for over 9 years. We love her. It’s not always fun getting into the tub, but she makes us as comfortable as possible and always has her eyes on us.  Lauren has 4 dogs of her own—rescue dogs that is. So there’s no doubt where her heart is.

Trust us you’ll love it here. The groom room offers a full line of services.  When you leave here you will be ready to take on the world.

To make a grooming appointment, contact us at 440-892-dogs.



 Self-Service Grooming


Our 60″ tubs come fully stocked with all supplies needed for a wash.

For your convenience, our attendant escort will you to one of our 60” stainless steel tub with easy platform access. Each station features:

  • Adjustable water temperatures
  • Towels
  • Earthbath shampoo
  • Spritz
  • Professional blow dryer, brush and comb
  • An apron to keep you dry
  • Rubber anti-fatigue mats for your comfort

Get your pet sparkling clean… and we will clean the mess!

Join our Self-Service Loyalty Club: After 10 self-serve washes, your 11th is Free. See a store associate to sign up.

 Looking for a Grooming position?  Email your resume to Mary or call 440.892.3647 and to set up an interview!